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Decreasing Stress

Simple ways to decrease stress and revitalize your body.

All of us know that stress can take a huge toll on the body. Whether it be mental stress or physical stress, it can truly break us down if we do not take the right steps to change our attitude and outlook. The mind is a powerful tool and we can use it to turn that negative stress into a positive.

Here are a few tips to help you refresh and rejuvenate during a stressful time;

Exercise- Whether it be a long walk or a session in the gym, exercise is the best thing you can do to recharge your body. If you aren’t motivated enough to do it yourself, sign-up for a gym membership or hire a Personal Trainer.

Spend some time outdoors- Ever heard the phrase, “Stop and take a breath of fresh air?” That’s exactly what you need to do! With all the time spent in cars, the average person is only outdoors 17 minutes per day.

Eat Healthy- Ever notice how miserable you feel after over-indulging in a fattening meal?

Stretch- Take 15 minutes to stretch out your tired muscles each night before bed.

Engage socially with friends- We all tend to get caught up in ourselves and the stress of day to day life. Give a friend a call and meet for a healthy dinner…or better yet, become workout partners! Sometimes hearing about a friends problems can help you solve your own! Talking about it always helps.

Play with your furry friends- Play with your cat or take your dog for a walk. Animals can light up our lives. In fact, pet owners typically live linger and have fewer stress symptoms.

-Nikol Klein

Certified Personal Trainer

Professional Ballet Dancer