About Nikol

In addition to being a former professional ballet dancer, Nikol Klein is an Author, Mentor, Certified Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Specialist who’s Ballet Strength method has reached dancers from all over the world. Her unique blend of experience as a professional dancer and expertise in fitness helps her to create the perfect programs for dancers looking to reach their full potential.

Ms. Klein’s professional career began in 1999 where she performed with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre for two years dancing in productions such as George Balanchine’s, The Nutcracker and Ben Stevenson’s Cleopatra. Nikol then spent one year as a dancer with Ballet Austin.

Following a year long injury rehabilitation hiatus, Ms. Klein joined Ballet Oklahoma (currently Oklahoma City Ballet) under the Artistic Direction of former New York City Ballet Dancer, Bryan Pitts. During her four year tenure with Ballet Oklahoma, Ms. Klein had the honor of performing Principal and Soloist roles in ballets including The Nutcracker, The Three Musketeers, Saturday Night Promenade, Dracula’s Revenge, Coppelia, Tangos, Spirit Dances, and Peter Anastos Sweet Dreams.

Nikol’s early ballet training started at Pittsburgh Youth Ballet and Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre including summer intensive programs with Chautauqua Ballet, American Ballet Theatre (New York), School of American Ballet, and The Rock School of Pennsylvania Ballet. Her most influential mentors include Patrick Hinson, Truman Finney, David Holladay, Tamar Rachelle, and Janet Popeleski.

Nikol currently resides in San Diego, California where she continues to mentor, coach and develop products for dancers as well as being a highly sought after personal trainer for women and fitness personality.


If you are interested in purchasing one of Ms. Klein’s books, please visit www.balletstrength.com or www.balletaudition.com.

  1. I come from a martial arts background and switched over to dance about 5 years ago. At the same time, I also changed my diet from high carb (because I was grappling all the time) to hi-protein/low carb and found, like you said, I was lethargic ALL the time. Getting expert advice from a nutritionist is very important, especially considering how different our individual meal plan needs are. Good advice in this post.

    Thank you,
    Pete | The Tango Notebook

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