Ballet Strength Exercises for Arms and Partnering

Today we are going to talk about the shoulders and how a little bit of Ballet Strength training for the shoulders can help improve your port de bras, enhancing your partnering skills. Your port de bras is not only an important part of your daily ballet class and performance – it effects your partnering skills too! If you have weak arms you will have trouble executing simple partnering skills like finger turns, promenades, and arabesques.

The exercise we are going to do today is called the overhead press. The overhead press primarily works the entire shoulder and front deltoid muscles with the triceps as the secondary muscle used. The idea is to strengthen the shoulders in the overhead position which will in turn help tremendously with finger turns. Give this exercise a try with light weight such as 3-5 pounds weights to start. Start with 10-15 repetitions performed three times.

Ballet Strength Overhead Press

Add this exercise to your ballet cross training routine and notice a difference on your placement in class and your strength/balance in partnering class! As always, be sure to check out my Ballet Strength training programs for more detailed exercises.

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  1. Can I ask if you could do a YouTube video about simple excersise on how to strengthen your leg and ankle for pointe . As my ballet teacher told me that my ankle and leg is not strong enough , when I do Demi pointe on first position , my ankle will turn backwards together with my toes and feet once I live my hill up ! My feet doesn’t stay still ! Another thing is that , when I do Demi pointe , I balanced on my toes not the knuckles of my big toe , which is wrong . Can you tell me some tips and excersise I can do to improve on this , so my leg and ankle could be strong enough to go on pointe . Or could you do a YouTube video on this ?

  2. Can I ask if you could make a video on daily short workouts I can do to strengthen my core , legs and ankle ? *** I am not on Pointe yet ***

  3. Hi Nikol ,

    Can I ask , is having medium arch feet good ? What are the positive and negative things about having medium feet when doing ballet or when going on Pointe ?

  4. Hi Nikol ,

    Is it true that having high arch feet is better for ballet ? I have a medium arch feet though , can you tell me the positive (pro) and negative (con) about having medium arch feet when doing ballet or when going on Pointe?

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